XHTML Tidy is an easy to use plugin that will clean your page content HTML and turn it into valid XHTML.

Why is this important?

awcc_xhtml_tidy.png One of the important criteria that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN use to rank websites and their pages is the validity of the XHTML code source. If the code is not valid, it gets a lower ranking.

If you are trying to do search engine optimization on your Soho site, you need this plugin! Soholaunch's built-in editor currently does not output valid XHMTL. If you have an XHTML valid template, but haven't cleaned your page content, then your page will not validate. XHTML Tidy can help and do it in two mouse clicks!

XHTML Tidy is based on the "HTML Tidy" project and will work on both Windows and Unix based hosting platforms.

XHTML Tidy will ONLY affect the page content areas and is run after your content has been added/edited so it will only tidy the output from the Page Editor, thus saving your original content for editing in the Soho administration as usual.

This plugin is temporatily not available.
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