SEO Power Pack

The answer to all your SEO needs!

awcc_seo_powerpack.pngThe SEO Power Pack provides the ability to perform some of the basic building blocks that are required to do effective search engine optimization. These basic steps are: create a sitemap page for your site, create an XML sitemap file and submit it to several major search engines, add Google Analytics and add Google Verification.

As a website owner, you probably want to get your site ranked at the top of the search engines. Any competent SEO specialist will start with these steps as the basis for SEO efforts on your site. Then, the specialist will move on to keywords, descriptions and other meta information.

This plug-in is a MUST HAVE for any website owner that wants to see results in website placement and do it in moments with no knowledge of code needed. With just a few clicks you can get your SEO effort started off right.


The SEO Power Pack features include:

  • Allows the admin to dynamically generate a free XML sitemap
  • Easily create an HTML sitemap for your end users
  • Automatically ping major search engines with your site changes
  • In one step add Google Analytics code to all your site pages
  • Quickly and easily assist Google in verifing you are the site owner


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