Feature Anything

The Feature Anything plug-in allows a website administrator to quickly and easily build numerous item listing display pages. This can be a simple way to display items for sale outside of the normal shopping cart system.

awcc_feature.png At times, you might want to have just a "flyer" for a products or services. Or maybe you just want to showcase an event or item. In cases like this, using the shopping cart element of the Soholaunch system isn't relevant as you aren't wanting to sell the product through the site with transactions etc. And having to manually build a page to showcase something is time consuming.

This is where Feature Anything can help. With Feature Anything, you simply install the plugin, create your showcase(s), then, using the page editor, you drag and drop the Feature Anything icon on a page. Within minutes you have a high quality, customizable and very cool promotional page.

Creating a showcase is really simple. Enter a title and price, then choose how many description fields you want and determine if you want a bullet list or free text for each description field. Feature Anything will automatically format the text for the field type you choose. Then, choose the photos from the list of available photos (controlled by the File Manager) and add captions to each photo. Choose your color schemes and save it.

You can build as many Feature Anything promotions as you would like and you can display them all in a list on one page with links to the detailed view, or you can simply create a new page and add one Feature Anything promotion to the page. Feature Anything is very flexible.

Developers Note: If you would like to customize your layout, you can edit the layout1.html file in the layouts folder of the plugin. We recommend using the Advanced File Manager Plugin to access this file to edit.

Feature Anything comes with full documentation (in PDF format) included in the administration panel.

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