Enhanced Gallery

The Enhanced Gallery is based on the Elegant Gallery plug-in above. However, Enhanced Gallery offers several very useful improvements over the Elegant Gallery.

awcc_enhanced_gallery.png First, and most importantly, you can now link any photo thumbnail (and it's larger display when moused-over) to any page on your soho launchsite, any calendar event, any shopping cart product information or anyexternal url.

Secondly, the caption of the photo displays below the large photo and changes on mouse-over to match the moused-over photo.

Lastly, it allows for photos of different ratios to be used in one gallery without stretching the photo.

Photo slide show
I wish you would take me to Soholaunch Addons!
Got any food?
Were keeping it all on paper.
How can you resist me?
Are you lookin at me?
Its my nose right?
Cant fetch... too... tired
Looking for a great gallery?
Polly want a baguette
We stick our neck out for you.
Let your beautiful photos be the star!

One of the key advantages to this plugin is that this allows the site administrator to build some very dynamic photo displays for various purposes. For example, with Enhanced Gallery, you could build a simple product catalog page with 12 products and short descriptions of each, linking them to their respective product information pages. The same can be done for calendar events.

Let's face it. Photos sell! If you are trying to promote anything, Enhanced Gallery can help.

Note: Enhanced Gallery is NOT an upgrade product from Elegant Gallery. It is a stand-alone product.

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New! Now you can feature more than one gallery on a page!


Photo slide show