Base & Local Shipping

Base Shipping & Local Pickup is an easy to use custom shipping that allows you to add a base shipping charge (handling fee) to each order as well as offer Local Pickup (which negates the shipping charges).

awcc_base_shipper.png With Soholaunch's native shopping cart functionality, you can charge shipping in various ways. However, there is not currently a way to add a one-time handling charge to each order. With the Base Shipping component, it will add the base price that you set in the admin and it will then calculate each item's shipping charge (as set in the product information section under Shipping Charge A) times the quantity of each item.

Also, Soholaunch does not have a way to offer Local Pickup so that shipping is not charged.

These two features are independent of each other. If you only need a local pickup option, but not the base shipping charge, you can do that. Or you can add a base shipping fee, but not offer local pickup. Or you can have both.

The plugin comes complete with an instruction manual in pdf format (accessible via Manage Modules and Options button).

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