Any Content Rotator


The Content Rotator plug-in allows you to display nearly any content in nearly any location on your site using a random grouping system. For instance, you may have a series of testimonials that you would like to have displayed one-at-a-time on your home page in a random order. Each time the home page is loaded, a different testimonial is displayed from your group of testimonials.

With the Content Rotator plugin, there is virtually no limit to what you can have displayed anywhere on your site. You can display shopping cart items, blog entries, FAQ questions and answers, calendar events and even custom content (using the WYSIWYG editor).

But, can't I do this with Soholaunch already?
Certainly, with Soholaunch you can place a shopping cart item on a page, or a photo on a page. But you can't place a group of them on a page and have it only display one at a time in random rotation. You can place an entire Blog category, an entire Calendar or an entire FAQ category. Now, with Content Rotator, you can place a specific FAQ entry, a specific Blog entry or specific Calendar event on a page.

Once the plugin is installed, simply go to the plugins section of the Soholaunch admin panel and click the content rotator logo. Brief instructions are provided on each screen, or there is a link to a pdf instruction manual at the top of each screen.

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